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Proper Drywall Finish for Best Results

Proper Drywall Finish for Best Results
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Do you need drywall repair? Are you in the middle of home improvements? In either case, you have to consider the right texture coating of walls in order to have the best results possible. Though, the right wall textures should be the last thing you should worry about. If you want to avoid problems tomorrow, you should emphasize on technical details first. After all, painting won't be applied well if there are defects on your drywall from nails. Taking care of such issues first should be your priority before you start considering whether to choose orange peel or comb texture.

Take care of drywall issues first

Proper Drywall Finish for Best ResultsPerfection comes with proper work. It's pointless to invest in good drywall finish painting without having corrected imperfections first or ensuring that there are no leaking pipes and plumbing problems in the house. Imagine your frustration to spend money on new drywalls and texturing and discover water leaking few weeks later. It's best to check well such details and then proceed with nail hole repair. Which wall doesn't have holes from nails? Some might have worse problems and bigger cracks or even much larger holes when air conditioners are removed.

It's likely that you will need patching of large holes, sealing of small cracks and blemish repair. When the surface of the wall is smooth and even, painting will sit better and the results will be much more elegant. When you reach the point of textured paint, prefer eco-friendly solutions. Don't forget that you will be breathing these materials every day and it's good to breathe green products. Before you apply the painting, consider if you also want other interventions. For example, you might want to insulate some walls, add or remove some drywalls.

Don't forget to take care of the ceiling, too. It won't look nice to have freshly painted walls and dirty ceilings. So, choose the right green texture coating of ceilings, too. As far as the techniques of texturing, there are many options. Apart from the usual orange peel style, you can also choose slapbrush, sand or mud swirl, perlite or drywall knife texture for both your walls and ceilings. They are all beautiful and the choice will be yours. When it comes to aesthetics, you just have to select what you like and consider which style will look the best at your own place.

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