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About Us

About Us

We solve drywall problems with drywall repair services nicely and fast. With our expertise and vast drywall experience, we can assure you that your home and office needs in California will be covered quickly. We replace and install drywalls and excel in texturing.

Address: Huntington Dr
San Marino, California
Zip code: 91108
Phone: 626-660-0148

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our expertise in drywall services enables us to patch holes efficiently and offer texturing, professional popcorn removal and tile repair efficiently

When you want optimum solutions and services, “Drywall Repair San Marino” is your only excellent option. We are a marvelous team of experienced professionals yearning to share their knowledge and assist clients for long term projects. You should trust our residential & commercial drywall draftsman, the technicians and our office staff for every need. You should trust us because we are here for you. We have expertise in drywall work and tile repairs, as well as great enthusiasm to offer our services.

Call us if you need to know more details about us at: 626-660-0148

We are efficient and fast, reliable and skilled

Everyone has his own reasons for choosing a drywall company. What are your reasons? If you want a contractor that can make detailed drafts and take into consideration all building codes for the sake of your safety, choose our team. If you want technicians, who can read blueprints properly and have the technical knowhow to install, remove and repair drywalls tiles efficiently, don't hesitate to approach us. Don't forget that we are always here for you and ready to offer assistance and consultation. Choose us because:

* We are creative professionals and have the technical infrastructure to implement our plans perfectly

* We are experienced, knowledgeable of all types of tiles and of the complexities when it comes to drywall removal and installation

* We are very careful when we work and make sure the materials we use are of the highest quality

* We know how to speak to our client and are ready to listen and offer suggestions based on your current needs

* We want everything done perfectly and so we spend time planning your project and troubleshooting all issues

We have dynamic teams. That's the main power of Drywall Repair San Marino. With deep knowledge and devotion, we manage to carry out the most difficult project. Every little thing is important in our job so that you will enjoy beautiful and safe ceilings and walls and the best tile floors. Our drywall experience comes with us every single time. Our innovative ideas and recommendations are at your disposal whenever you want the opinion of experts in tiles and drywalls. Don't hesitate to approach us! Call us even today!

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